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TabletopJournal feels that a restaurant’s tabletop and the products used on it should fit into the overall branding concept for that particular operation, not just be another commodity item necessary to run the restaurant’s daily operations. Dining out is such a tactile experience and, at all price-quality levels, guests notice if the tabletop items used are consistent with the restaurant’s larger brand message. So…we spend a bit of time on the whole issue of branding and how it relates to hospitality tabletop.

And….since it’s really all about the dining experience at all levels – tabletop plays a major role in impacting the guest dining experience. Choosing a restaurant’s tabletop could ultimately be one of the more critical decisions an operator makes in terms of impacting the overall guest experience. So…it’s important to make thoughtful and informed decisions when it comes to tabletop. Tabletop can be a tremendously strong component to a restaurant’s overall brand.

So, the brand experience is something that is very relevant to all of us involved in hospitality tabletop. That’s why we try to write often about the brand experience and celebrate those who deliver clear and concise brand messages. A truly differentiated brand message helps both sales and profits for restaurant operators …. and, those within the hospitality tabletop supply chain, as well.

But…not to worry. We still always going to be about cool products….incredibly creative and talented tabletop people…..and, the fun places that use these wonderfully innovative products!

Because #TabletopMatters. And, it’s all within the world of hospitality.

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