Welcome to TabletopJournal, where we celebrate the world of hospitality tabletop.

Welcome! TabletopJournal is excited to announce the launch of their new, refreshed website that is intended to provide a better reader experience, along with newer, “fresher” graphics and easier navigation. While similar in design to the old TabletopJournal site, the new site has bolder images, a more consistent graphic layout, and should provide readers a quicker and easier way to access the information they are interested in.

“We’ve been working for nearly a year on this new, upgraded website,” comments TabletopJournal’s Dave Turner. “While there will still be a few tweaks and adjustments, our talented website team has done an extraordinary job in designing and implementing this new site. While our old site was fine and doing a great job for us, we looked to create a more flexible, more robust site platform and design that would grow with us over the next several years and be fresh, yet still familiar. I believe our team has done just that.”

But, don’t worry. We’re still all about cool products, some incredibly creative people, interesting ideas, and lots of good thoughts… and we’re still all about hospitality tabletop.

Because #TabletopMatters. And, it’s all within the world of hospitality.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out.




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