BlueCart & Industry Leaders Add to The Stack

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Industry thought leader BlueCart, along side 15 innovative restaurant tech companies, have released the 2017 Restaurant Stack. At 37 pages long, this e-book is an easy read jam packed with tech inspired restaurant strategies and solutions that range from How to Fill Every Seat at Your Event, to How to Take Advantage of Social Media Trends, to How to Recruit Your Ideal Restaurant Staff.

Equally as important is the fact that these solutions aren’t budget busting ideas. They are tangible easy to implement strategies that seem to often only require a refocusing of thought. The chapters and advice are all non linear, meaning you can just jump to whatever suits you. If implementing Industry.Co’s hiring strategies isn’t something you’re quite ready to do, you can simply skip that chapter and come back to it when you’re ready to recruit your ideal staff.

BlueCart and friends are pulling back the curtain, creating an educational resource for everyone to tap into. That’s something we can get behind. We look forward to the next edition and hope to see how they can integrate some great tabletop solutions for chefs, restauranteurs, and food purchasing directors looking to up their dinnerware game!

If you’re interested in checking out BlueCart and their 2017 Restaurant Stack, click here.